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General Aviation Terminal Project Advances

Spring 2015, the General Aviation (GA) Terminal at the Southern WI Regional Airport wrap-up an integrated, multi-year building renovation project valued at $3.2 Million. Once complete, the functionality of the Terminal building will be enhanced through a number of aviation and non-aviation improvements. Four seperate, but related, projects served as the foundations for the GA Terminal project. Project funding drived from federal, state and local sources via an 80/20 formula. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on May 31, 2012 to kick-off Project I. Details regarding each project are provided below; click here to view pictures of the renovation project.

Project I 

  • Estimated Cost @ $1,460,000
  • Partial Building Demolition
  • New Building (Shell) Construction
  • Lobby / Vestibule Build-Out & Remodeling
  • Status: Complete

Project II

  • Estimated Cost @ $625,000
  • Administrative Offices, Pilot's Lounge & Conference Room Build-Out
  • North Addition Construction
  • Additional Facility Amenities Build-Out
  • Status: Complete

Project III

  • Estimated Cost @ $625,000
  • Service Area Build-Out
  • Lease SF Build-Out
  • Selective Demolition
  • Status: Complete

Project IV

  • Estimated Cost @ $625,000
  • Greenspace, Parking & Walkway Improvements and Modifications
  • Status: Spring 2015

Renovation PhotoRenovation Photo

Renovation PhotoRenovation Photo